Work With Us


We don’t ever stop looking for talented bartenders to join our small team however there are a few things potential new recruits should know. Firstly, we’re mostly pretty relaxed guys but we take this really seriously. Our reputation is hard-earned and our methods are set in stone, we’re not going to let standards slide on the whims of the new kid!

Be prepared to unlearn much of what you already know, and remember the ability to be trained is actually a skill to be refined in itself. Our full time bartenders only do 1-2 shifts a week on the bar, there is only 1 station, it’s really intense and you have to come up with a new menu for every shift. Oh, and every single drink that goes out has to be competition level good, we don’t drink on shift and you won’t get a chance to turn-up hungover too many times.

We look after our staff and our venue really well and we try to be the bosses that we never had ourselves. You will have the best equipment, the best systems, the best training guides, great products & the best produce.

We have a great record of our staff doing decent stints with us, the average is about 1.5 years. As such we rarely employ travellers or temporary visa holders, sorry.

If this all tickles you in funny places, we’d love to hear from you via the form on this page.

Dead Ringer

We are also alway on the hunt for excellent humans at our neighbourhood restaurant bar, Dead Ringer in Surry Hills.

This is a bigger operation and we often have more openings, bartenders, waiters and chefs.